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Welcome to Southern Janitorial

Great Cleaning with Southern Charm

Southern Janitorial is a family owned business. In the south you never meet a stranger and we want our clients to feel like family. At Southern Janitorial we keep our southern values and translate that into our company.

Helpfulness We will work around your needs with custom scheduling, specialty cleaning and any other special request 

Kindness We clean smarter by using color- coded microfiber materials. Microfiber traps dirt, dust and germs and by color coding we prevent cross contamination. We improve air quality by only using vacuums with HEPA-filters. HEPA filters help keep dust and irritating particles out of the air.

Politness We guarantee our cleanings. If you spot any issues after your cleaning, simply let us know and we'll fix the problem within one business day. 

Charm Our expert team provides the charm 


Worry about your business, not your mess

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Southern Janitorial offers commercial cleaning services for happier healthier customers and employees. We offer cleaning services customized to your schedule and ensure the cleanest results possible every cleaning. We are trusted and insured. 

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