Commercial/Office Cleaning

Make a great impression with clients, and give your staff a healthy and clean workspace.

General Cleaning:

Empty waste Receptacles and replace plastic liners 

High Dusting: Dust surfaces above 60", including tops of partitions, cabinets, pictures, clocks and shelves , air vent & return grills 

Low Dusting: Dust chair bases, table legs, base boards, & office furniture 

Miscellaneous Dusting: blinds, door frames, window ledges & shelves 

Floor Maintenance:

Vacuum all surfaces 

Dust mop and damp mop all hard surfaces 


Clean and polish restrooms dispensers, fixtures, metal, and mirrors 

Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets & urinals 

Spot clean walls and partitions 

Wash restrooms floor with appropriate cleanser

Wash restroom partitions with germicidal cleaner


Clean sink/ Countertop 

wipe down tables, microwave & refrigerator 

Spot clean chairs & cabinets 

Additional services available upon request

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